What to do on a rainy day in Copenhagen

Let’s get this out of the way: the Danish capital is an absolutely amazing place to visit, but the chances there are always pretty high to be welcomed with a romantic drizzle. And since the city is apparently constantly swept by freezing winds, it’s better to plan for a few good indoor stops!

Even though we had planned our trip to Copenhagen to optimize our chances for okay weather (spoiler: the best month is heads-on May, with a lower rain risk and decent temperatures around 15 degrees), we still had to cope with a full day of showers.

Luckily, the Danish capital holds plenty of amazing museums, stylish shops and cozy cafés where to dry your feet and feed your brains.

I hope you enjoy our shitty-weather-worthy discoveries… let’s go!




Rainy day, museum day! There is an endless list of amazing museums to visit in Copenhagen, but I can definitely vouch for the Glyptoteket. This gold nugget of a cultural temple is definitely one of the highlights of my trip.

Everything there is worth the peek, from the permanent collection of sculptures (not to miss: the original Degas ballerinas, hidden on top of a majestic 3-floor staircase) to the surprising neo-classical-with-a-twist architecture.

Don’t forget to check if the temporary exhibitions are meeting your areas of interest, as they amount for a good share of what is to be seen there. We had the chance to admire the “War and Storm” archeological exhibit about treasures found in Sicilian shipwrecks, but the museum often also holds fine art and paintings.




Reward your visit with a lunch under the palm trees and flowering oleanders of the magical little winter garden nestled in the core of the building. The food is simple but stylish and filling (as usual in Copenhagen, it comes with a hefty serving of delicious Danish brown bread), and the scenery absolutely justifies a (reasonably) steeper price.

Oh, and we all know they are a twap, but trust me and stop by the museum shop. I don’t know about you, but I absolutely can’t resist museum stationery: Add Danish design acumen to the mix, and you’ve got a recipe for a dream shopping experience. Or a disaster, depending on the perspective.





Christiansborg Palace is HOT! Luckily, after burning down by accident in 70 consecutive years two of the previous installments of this royal palace, the adjective is (for now) only metaphorical.

Definitely save a few hours to treat yourself with the grand tour ticket of this massive historical and government compound, symbolizing the Danish monarchy with a good dose of royal pomp…     and kitsch!

Peek into the royal kitchen – filled with more copper cooking ware than the trendiest of home decor store -, and explore the royal stables with their fairytale-worthy coaches and white horses! But don’t spend too much time in the backstage, for the real crown jewel lies in the main reception rooms and their luxurious treasures, including surprisingly modern tapestries featuring the highest points of the local history.




The tour of the ground foundation ruins is to my opinion optional, but ideal if you have 30 min to kill listening to fascinating anecdotes about how Danes have a talent for burning their royal residence to the ground.


Sorry, locals, no offense, I’m still not getting over this.




After a very nice and classy day of feeding your soul with knowledge and inspiration, time to head for more earthly food (and drinks)!

For a chilled, cool and yet satisfying dinner, I could not praise Neighbourhood enough. OK, they are not taking bookings and are always filled to the brim, but this is more than compensated by the cheerful service, KICKING ASS cocktails (proof: my boyfriend and I had three. Each. And they cost a month of groceries in Berlin for us, each. And yet.) and amazing pizzas. The atmosphere is more “hipster bar” than “romantic Italian dinner”, you’re warned, but their fine-crusted delights are worth the wait.

And. these. cocktails. though.

If you don’t feel romantic after them, I don’t know what it takes.

So, warmed up for some more drinks?

Two options!




⇒ Feeling energetic and ready to meet the hip Copenhagen youth for a beer or five? Head to the insanely cool Warpigs, located in the repurposed Meatpacking district!

There, barbecue snacks (warning for vegetarians and vegans: if you’re sensitive to seeing meat, it’s probably not the best place for you) and locally brewed beer are drunk joyfully aligned on long banquet tables, and on a so-metal rock music background.

An otherworldly experience, Viking banquets meeting Wacken festival, meeting a Berlin bar.





⇒Feeling fancy as hell (and dressed to kill)? Rise up to the vertiginous cocktail bar of the Tivoli hotel! First because the amusement park-themed humongous design hotel is a sight to be seen (and a great place to stay, tested and approved by yours truly). Secondly, because this (partially covered, making it rain friendly, conveniently!) rooftop bar offers a unique sight over the city and great Asian-themed cocktails in a très-chic atmosphere!

Cheers, and try to make sure to wake up fresh and ready for your next day in Copenhagen, for the city reveals its true charms under the sun…

I’ll let you know more in a follow-up article ;)!

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